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Business Directory

The business directory provides a list of companies that have been posted by members throughout the Kings Croft community. While this page is open to the public, only members of the association may post a business on this page without first contacting the site administrator.
To add a company to the directory, click the Add a New Business link. Then follow the instructions provided on the submission form.
  • If you are both a member of the association, and a business owner, you may post your business in this directory. No fee will be charged. This is a free service to association members.
  • If you are a business owner, but not a member, and would like to advertise your business on our site, please contact us by sending an e-mail to We'll be happy to discuss the various options available.


The calendar displays events added by either community members or the management office. Posted events include the event title, location, description, date and times. Any member of the community may add an event after logging into the web site. However, all events submitted must be approved by the site administrator before they will appear on the calendar. Once approved, members can edit any event that they submitted.
To add an event:
  1. Click the Submit a New Event link to open the submission form.
  2. Enter event details along with a description of the event into the form.
  3. (Optional) Enter a short description to appear in the Mini View box.
  4. Enter the date and time of the event.
  5. Click Save to submit.
Please note...
If you would like to include links and photos, and/or formatted text, please consult with the management office. These additional event management features are easy to include, but are only available to the site administrator.
Personal Calendar Export
This feature, which allows any member to add an event into their personal calendar (such as Outlook or Google Calendar), has been enabled on this site. The process is initiated by clicking on the Export This Event link.

Request Manager

The Request Manager handles and tracks requests submitted through the website and provides the following features:
  • User Updates - If enabled, the person who submitted the request can log into the website to view the status of their requests, post additional comments and mark their request as resolved.
  • Audit Trails - Each change made to a request is logged within the request along with who made the change.
  • Tracking and Search - Submissions are given a unique ticket number. Requests can be searched based on ticket number, name and text within the request.
  • Feedback - Allow Users to post feedback and a rating for how they feel their request was handled.
  • Overdue Notice - Automatic overdue notice for any requests that are older than a configurable timeframe to be resolved.
To submit a request, click here: Submit New Request