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Kings Croft Condominium Association has chosen HOA Sites to help improve our web presence and to make communications and tasks between members, our three boards and the property management office easier. You'll find that each of the features chosen for our site, which are listed below, are truly "user-friendly for non-techy folks." To learn more about any feature, click on the associated link. You'll be directed to information within the HOA Sites web portal.

Mass email, text messages, news, events, contact form, email accounts...
Improved Processes
Custom forms, amenity reservations, voting, event registration, ticket system...
Pages, navigation, text, images, links, mini view boxes, slideshow...
Member Interaction
Classifieds, homes for sale, message board, lost & found, directory...
Accounting, invoices, payments, reports, year end, products, expenses...
Membership Management
Registrations, renewals, properties, access control, profile fields...
Have questions? Let's talk. Use the contact form on this page to send a communication.
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Posted on Apr 25th, 2020
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