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PLEASE NOTE: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the boards of all three phases voted to keep the pool closed during the summer 2020 season. The information below is maintained for historical purposes.

Calendar Schedule:

The pool will be open weekends only from June 1, 2019 thru June 23, 2019. It will then be open daily from Saturday, June 24, 2019 through Monday, September 2, 2019, Labor Day.

Hours of Operation:
Weekdays – Monday through Friday – 12:00 Noon to 8:00 p.m.
Weekends – Saturday, Sunday and Holidays - 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.
General Information:
Season, hours and admission regarding guests are subject to change by the Board of Trustees. Management reserves the right to close the pool in an emergency situation. In cases of lightning or thunder, the pool and deck areas will be cleared for thirty minutes following the first sighting of lightning and or sound of thunder. If thunder and lightning continues, the thirty minute period will start again until thunder and lightning has stopped and left the area. Season, hours and admission regarding guests are subject to change by the Board of Trustees.
  • NO PASSES will be issued at the pool! It is the resident’s responsibility to procure the Permanent Pool card(s) from the Management Office during normal business hours (Monday-Friday 8:00 AM-4:00 PM).You must have your card on your person to enter the pool area. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • Recreation pool passes are non-transferable.
  • Lost or damaged cards may be replaced at a fee of $10.00 per card.
  • No Pool Passes will be issued to any units owing condo fees, late fees, rule/regulations fines, etc. until they have been paid in full.
  • Pool passes, will be void if arrearage or unpaid violations occur. No unit owner, tenant or resident may sign another unit owner, tenant or resident into the pool area as a “Guest”.
  • Only permanent residents will be issued Pool Passes. All residents must show proof of residency when requested by Management in order to be issued an Pool Pass card. They must be listed on Resident Information Sheet in the Management Office and age permitting, must have a New Jersey driver’s license with Kings Croft address.
EVERY UNIT is entitled to a minimum of (2) Pool Pass cards. Examples:
  1. One (1) individual permanently residing in a unit is entitled to two (2) pool pass cards issued in his/her name. The second pass is considered a non-paying guest pass. Any children of the guest are considered paying guest. The resident must accompany the guest(s) at all times. All children of the resident, natural or adopted up to and including age 21 will receive a pool pass card in their name. Anyone age 22 + (plus) is considered an adult. Therefore:
  2. Two or more adults permanently residing in a unit are entitled to one pool pass card each. All children of the resident, natural or adopted up to and including age 21 will receive a pool pass card in their name.

All persons using the swimming pool do so at their own risk. The Association assumes no responsibility for any accident or injury in connection with the misuse of the swimming pool or for any loss or damage to personal property in the swimming pool or the swimming pool area. All persons using the swimming pool agree not to hold the Association liable for any actions of any kind whatsoever occurring within the Association property limits. All members are responsible for the actions of their children and their guests.

  • All Residents must sign in and submit a valid Recreation Pass upon entering the pool area.
  • Guests must sign in and the resident sign a voucher for each guest fee billable weekly for the one day Guest Pass. This rule will be strictly enforced by the pool staff and management office.
  • Recreation Passes cannot be altered. Any violation of this rule will result in immediate revocation of the Recreation Pass and suspension of pool privileges.
  • Only permanent unit residents and their guests are permitted. Residents must have on their person their “pool pass” when they enter and remain inside the pool area. Guests are only permitted when accompanied by the sponsoring resident.
  • A maximum of four (4) guests per unit are permitted at a fee of $5.00 per guest per day on Saturday, Sunday and Holidays and no charge on weekdays. Children up to and including 5 years of age will be admitted at no charge.
  • No children twelve (12) years of age, or younger will be admitted unless accompanied by an adult eighteen (18) years or older. Once admitted children must be supervised by an adult. The lifeguards are empowered to deny swimming pool privileges to any child who cannot demonstrate satisfactory swimming ability. The lifeguards are not babysitters.
  • No one is permitted in the pool or pool area unless the pool attendant/Life Guard is on duty.
  • No Pets are permitted inside the gated pool area at any time, as per the Camden County Board of Health Department.
  • One Day Guest Pass, Children under 12-Years of age must check in with guard and take swimming test.
  • Persons under the influence of alcohol or drugs are not permitted in the pool area.

Residents are required to ensure that your guest is fully advised of KCAA rules/regulations. An adult resident (18 or older) MUST accompany the guest at all times while in the pool area. The Resident shall bear all responsibility for the guest and his or her conduct. Any misconduct on the part of the guest will result in the permanent or temporary revocation of guest and or pool privileges at the discretion of the Association. Management reserves the right to limit the number of guests per lot based on occupancy on any given day.


All Babysitters/Nannies shall be a minimum of (16 years or older) and shall be in constant and vigilant attendance of his or her charges. Babysitter(s) in violation will not be allowed to return as a babysitter.

The following rules and regulations are for the protection and benefit of all persons to ensure safe and sanitary operation of the swimming pool related facilities. The cooperation of the members will afford pleasant relaxation and recreation for everyone concerned. Members are requested to caution their children and their guests to observe the pool rules and regulations and to obey the instructions of the pool attendant(s) and the lifeguards. Any failure to comply with the pool rules and regulations shall be considered sufficient cause for members to be deprived of the use of the swimming pool by the attendant and or Lifeguard on duty, or the Property Manager.
  1. Any person using the swimming pool shall dress in appropriate swimwear. No person shall be permitted to wear shorts, “cut-offs”, etc. in the swimming pool. Children who are not toilet trained must wear protective, tight-fitting plastic pants or swim diapers.
  2. No person shall use the swimming pool unless the swimming pool is officially opened and lifeguards are on duty. All persons shall obey the instructions of the lifeguards.
  3. Patrons with colds, coughs, inflammation of the eyes, wearing bandages, having an infection or open sore or other unusual physical condition or communicable disease or illness that may affect the health and welfare of other patrons, should refrain from using the pool. The lifeguards have the responsibility and authority to deny use of the pool to any patron affected with any recognizable unhealthy condition which may be transmitted by use of the swimming pool. All persons must take a cleansing shower before entering the swimming pool. Spouting of water from the mouth and similar unhygienic actions in the swimming pool or the swimming area is not permitted.
  4. No running, pushing, dunking or rough play will be permitted in the swimming pool or the swimming pool area. Standing or sitting on another person’s shoulders is not permitted.
  5. Persons unable to demonstrate their ability to swim properly to the lifeguards shall not be permitted beyond shoulder depth. Diving or jumping into the swimming pool from other than designated areas is prohibited.
  6. Glass containers, breakable objects, food and open drink containers are not permitted in the swimming pool and deck areas. Food and open beverages may be consumed in the designated refreshment table areas. Closed beverage containers (plastic) with tops and /or straws are permitted on the pool deck area only. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed.
  7. No intoxicants, drugs, adulterants, or any other paraphernalia or intoxicated persons shall be allowed in the swimming pool or the swimming pool area.
  8. Portable playpens are permitted in designated areas as long as they do not obstruct use of the area by other patrons or obstruct the lifeguards view. Wheeled carriages are permitted but shall be stored on the fence line, when not in use.
  9. No floatation devices “Noodles” rafts, Beach balls, water guns and Nerf type balls, unless approved by the lifeguards or prior permission from the Management office. These items may be permitted in the pool area, as long as there is no potential safety hazard. The lifeguards are empowered to deny use of balls at any time where the safety and/or health of other swimmers may be affected.
  10. Persons wearing glasses or goggles in the swimming pool must secure their glasses or goggles with an appropriate support band. Smoking is permitted inside the fenced pool area and all cigarettes buts must be properly extinguished and disposed of in cans or ash trays
  11. All refuse must be placed in containers provided for this purpose, Residents are urged to assist in keeping the swimming pool and the swimming pool area clean.
  12. Attendees must provide towels for their own use and the use of their families and their guests.
  13. No pets are allowed in the pool area. (NJ STATE LAW)
  14. Only authorized staff will be permitted in the filtration room or other unauthorized areas.
  15. All persons using the swimming pool and in the swimming pool area shall conduct themselves in a manner so as not to disrupt, harass or impair the use and enjoyment of the swimming pool by others. Profanity or vulgar language, singing, or shouting is strictly prohibited. Violation of this or any of these rules may result in suspension of swimming pool privileges.
  16. Bicycles, skate boards, roller skates, etc., are not permitted in the pool area.
  17. Residents and guest must stay clear of the lifeguards in order not to distract them from their duties. No extended socialization or conversation with the pool attendant(s) is permitted. Their job is to constantly watch people/activities in the pool and they are not to be distracted.
  18. Radios, televisions, lap top computers, games and or tablets are permitted however; ear/headphones must be used. (Electrical power cords or extension cords are strictly prohibited in the pool area)
  19. No barbecuing at all in the pool area unless sanctioned by Management and the Board of Trustees.
  • Children ages 12-years and under are required to pass a swimming test in order to be admitted into the 9-foot deep end of the pool.
  • No diving or head first entry is permitted when entering into the pool.
  • No sitting on or hanging on pool life lines is permitted.
  • The Association and Management are not responsible or liable for lost or stolen articles. Please exercise care regarding your personal belongings.
  • Authority of all matters pertaining to the safety of occupants and the protection of pool facilities lies with the Management.
  • The pool attendant/Lifeguard is retained by and represents the Management and is immediately responsible for conduct and discipline within the pool and the pool area. The pool attendant reserves the right to ask any resident or guest to leave the pool or pool area for violation of the rules. The attendant has the authority to ask residents or guests for proper identification.
  • Residents or guests may be temporarily or permanently suspended and/or fined by the Property Manager or the Boards of Trustees. Cause for suspension is violation of policies, rules and regulations, or willful damage to, or destruction of pool property and facilities.
  • Residents or guests found responsible for damage to pool facilities are subjected to fines and damages and or replacement cost.
  • Anyone who is caught engaged in illegal activities related to the pool area, such as entering the facility during non-authorized hours of operation will be prosecuted and/or fined ($100.00 for residents or guests of).

Residents, who wish to make comments, suggestions, or request changes to the pool policy, rules and regulation, should submit their requests in writing to the Property Manager.


Activities sponsored by Kings Croft Condominium Association Committees, such as swim meets, pool parties, etc., are permitted. However, the sponsoring activity is required to submit their request to the Property Manager for approval to assure the planned activity does not interfere with normal pool functions, or is not in violation of local or state laws. Conflicts for requested use, or request for continual use are subject to the approval by Management.

NOTE: Private pool parties are prohibited.
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